EURIS announces EURIS European Network to deliver the best Brexit

EURIS, the industrial product supply association which covers sectors responsible for over 25% of total UK goods imports and exports, is announcing today the creation of a EURIS European Network to deliver the best outcome from Brexit for the industrial product supply sector.

The announcement comes at the end of the first EURIS summit on Brexit, which has seen industry associations from across Europe come together to discuss and agree a joint UK-EU industry working plan to ensure a successful Brexit for product manufacturers.

The EURIS summit, held in the iconic Shard building, has involved contributions from CEOs and Government advisers of trade bodies from across Europe, including Germany, Portugal and Sweden, as well as contributions from the UK product supply sector who have all expressed support for the creation of this new network.

The newly created European industrial product supply network will be an advisory body for the potential impacts of the changing relationship between the UK and EU; for Governments, manufacturers and the me,dia and will be offering real solutions to the challenges presented by Brexit for the sector as well as ideas on how to maximise the opportunities Brexit presents.

Dr Howard Porter, EURIS Chair, said, “We are delighted to be able to announce the creation of this EURIS European Network. The industrial product supply sector has today come together in a constructive manner to establish a working party to deliver the best Brexit for our industry. This is an exciting time for our sector and we look forward to announcing the outputs of our network in the coming months”.

Steve Brambley, EURIS Vice-Chair, said “There are many areas where UK and EU industry can work together to achieve the best outcome for all of us and today’s EURIS summit has been an excellent starting point for this discussion. The announcement of the creation of a European EURIS Network to build on today’s event is an exciting development and one EURIS members will all be working closely on going forward”.